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New calibrator for temperatures down to -55 °C

Klingenberg, April 2012.
An additional instrument and expanded application possibilities: WIKA has introduced several innovations to its portable control instruments in the field of calibration technology for temperature.

In the future, the portfolio will be supplemented by the CTD9100-COOL dry-well calibrator for a wide range of applications. With this instrument, even temperatures down to -55 °C can be reached quickly and precisely (upper limit: 200 °C). In order that more thermometers can be calibrated at the same time, the model CTD9100-165 is now available with a larger insert diameter (60 mm). An advantage of the dry-well calibration: The test item does not come into contact with any medium, meaning the otherwise-necessary cleaning of the sensor is eliminated.

Through additional accessories and a modified measuring range, WIKA has increased the utility of its two CTB9100 micro calibration baths. These can now also be fitted with an insert for liquids to save time on fluid changes and offer an optional temperature range to
255 °C.

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Key words: Calibration technology innovations

New calibrator for temperatures down to -55 °C
  • New calibrator for temperatures down to -55 °C
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